Dovetale by Shopify

Apr 11, 2022 · 4 mins read
Dovetale by Shopify
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Since we started Dovetale in 2016, our focus has always been on creators and connections. We knew we wanted to help brands find and connect with the perfect partners who would be able to share their brand stories and spread positive awareness. We chose the name Dovetale for that exact reason. Dovetail as a verb; to fit together tightly. Dovetale as a platform; the interlocking of creators and brands, with an emphasis on the tales they can tell together.

Back then, the creator economy looked a lot different than it does today, but the same could be said for Dovetale. When we began, our tooling looked different than it does today. As the industry shifted, we refined tools like search, added features such as our CRM capabilities, campaign management, reporting, payments, and affiliate management. While our product has grown throughout the years, one thing has remained constant, with each feature shipped, we aimed to make the best tool possible to harness those connections.

So where are we headed now?

Shopify has made it possible for anyone to become an entrepreneur, while social networks have made it possible for anyone to build an audience. With both these worlds growing rapidly, now more than ever, there is a growing need to connect these groups as they have the power to help one another unlock success. Merchants are looking for more ways to reach consumers, and creators are seeking more opportunity to monetize and grow their businesses. The connecting piece is where we hope to continue fostering Dovetale, as we see endless possibilities in the union of commerce, content, and community.

We have leaned heavily into this space recently with Community, our Shopify app for creator and affiliate management, and we have been humbled by the success of our merchants. Over the past 11 months, since we officially launched, we’ve seen thousands of brands install Community and work with tens of thousands of creators. We’ve seen creators with under 10K followers excel as top affiliate ambassadors. We’ve seen millions of dollars flow through our platform from creator offers to the merchant rebels we initially sought to arm. And we have seen the true commerce power creators have.

Having seen these results firsthand, we know that creators are ready for a larger seat at the table, and we want to continue creating economic opportunities for all creators.

We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be working towards that vision, as Dovetale by Shopify.

Since Community was conceived, we knew Shopify was where we wanted to bank our future, and we could not think of a better partner to power the future of Dovetale. Like us, Shopify knows the importance of bringing together community and commerce and with their infrastructure, we can now make building communities as accessible as possible. Starting today, we will be removing our pricing plans on our Community app, making it free for all Shopify merchants.

While our branding may have changed slightly to Dovetale by Shopify, our merchants will find minimal changes to their workflow. Dovetale as you know it will still be here to help merchants grow their communities, and grow their businesses. One of our greatest strengths has always been listening to merchants and developing features based on their needs, and that will continue to be our north star. We feel empowered by Shopify to continue delivering the best products possible, and with our combined resources and amazing new teammates, we know we can deliver.

As we open the next chapter, we want to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed to our journey thus far:

To our early supporters, partners, and investors - we thank you for giving us a chance, we’ll be forever grateful for all of the support.

To Shopify - we’re grateful you saw a bright future in us and cannot thank you enough for powering our vision.

To our non-Shopify customers - we thank you for choosing our tools and giving us invaluable insight on countless sales demos with us, your input helped us make each feature better and better.

And to each and every one of our merchants - you are the reason we build. Thank you for believing in our Community product, it’s because of you we’ve gotten to where we are today, and we’re so excited to continue building for you. The best is yet to come.

-The Dovetale Team

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