Last Updated: July 12, 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective on May 25th, 2018. The GDPR builds upon and modernizes existing EU Data Protection and Privacy rules and will replace them with one single set of rules which govern how personal information is collected and processed. It also specifically addresses the export of personal data of EU citizens outside the EU, and sets clear guidelines for companies who operate between the EU and other global markets with different legal structures and approaches to data transfer and its commercial use.

These Terms apply to all of your agreements (“Agreements”) with Dovetale, Inc., Dovetale, Inc., and their affiliates and/or subsidiaries (“Dovetale”) to the extent that Dovetale processes as your processor any personal data originating from the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom and Switzerland (“Your Data”).

Dovetale's approach to privacy and the GDPR

Protecting and defending user privacy is at the heart of our work. From protecting user anonymity and our overall commitment to transparency, these are foundational principles and built into the core DNA of our company. Our goal, as ever, is to meet our commitments to our users and to provide an industry-leading level of transparency and user safety.

Core Focus Areas


Our privacy policy is updated in line with the GDPR to include changes around data collection and storage and data protection. We will ensure your privacy continues to be protected


In line with our ongoing commitment to transparency, we want this process to be clear for our users. To that end, we will keep you updated including through in-product prompts, updated blog content, and ensuring our public-facing materials are digestible and fit-for-purpose.

Obligations of Dovetale

Dovetale agrees that it will:

  1. Immediately inform you if in Dovetale's opinion an instruction from You infringes Applicable Data Protection Law;
  2. Comply with confidentiality obligations in respect of the User's Data and take appropriate steps to ensure that its employees, authorized agents and any sub-processors comply with and acknowledge and respect the confidentiality of Your Data, including after the end of their employment, contract or at the end of their assignment;
  3. Inform you of:
    • any legally binding request for disclosure of Your Data by a law enforcement authority, unless otherwise prohibited, such as in order to preserve the confidentiality of an investigation by the law enforcement authorities;
    • any personal data breach within the meaning of Applicable Data Protection Law relating to Your Data which may require a notification to be made to a supervisory authority or data subject under Applicable Data Protection Law (“Security Incident”);
    • any relevant notice, inquiry or investigation by a supervisory authority relating to Your Data; and
    • any requests for access to, rectification or blocking of Your Data received directly from a data subject without responding to that request, unless You have authorized a response or such a response is required by law;
  4. Provide reasonable co-operation and assistance to You in respect of Your obligations regarding:
    • requests from data subjects in respect of access to or the rectification, erasure, restriction, blocking or deletion of Your Data;
    • the security of Your Data, including by implementing the technical and organizational security measure

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