Dovetale - Experts Program

Looking to jumpstart your Community? Our Expert network can help.


We’ve hand-picked a network of knowledgeable individuals — skilled in everything from prospecting to strategy — that you can hire based on your goals and needs.

Here's what our Experts can do for you

All Dovetale Experts are vetted and experienced professionals fluent in Dovetale best practices. Dovetale Experts work for hourly wages, based on their experience and tasks. Experts are paired with brands by the Dovetale team based on budget, scope of work, and availability.

Prospecting Experts

Find your ideal Community Members

Our Experts will build out lists of influencer prospects that fit your brand and ideal community candidate.
Outreach Experts

Send Personalized Communications

Our Experts will reach out to Community prospects on your behalf with a tailored message and your Community application link.
Operational Experts

Manage Your Community

Our Experts will help you set up and maintain your Community. Our team will run you through our Community Management packages, which are based on your desired level of Expert involvement.
Strategy Experts

Consult on Strategy

Connect with one of our Experts to discuss strategies and best practices. Depending on your needs, our Experts will either work with you on a one-time call or set up reoccurring meetings as you get your Community up and running. Strategy Consultations can include:
Prospecting Tips
Operational Best Practices
Ongoing Community Engagement


Can I hire more than one Dovetale Expert at a time?
If you’re just getting started and you plan to utilize an Expert for multiple tasks, we will work to pair you with one Expert to help you through the entire process.
For how long should I work with a Dovetale Expert?
The length of time we recommend you work with an Expert will depend on your goals and budget. Our team will come up with a tailored proposal to make sure your program is successful.
How much does it cost to work with an Expert?
Our Experts hourly rates range from $25 - $100+ an hour. Based on your goals and budget we will recommend your Expert works for a set number of hours each month.
How do I pay the Expert I hire?
Dovetale will invoice you at the start of your Expert services and monthly thereafter. Dovetale will payout your expert once their services for each invoice are completed.
How do I start using the Expert program?
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