Why brands need influencers

April 30, 2016

Much like Wildfire before it. We think Dovetale is at the center of a movement in social media. Influencers and ambassadors have been around since companies have, so it only makes sense that as business evolves so do influencers. We’ve seen much of this happen already with the proliferation of social media platforms and celebrities popping up as a function of their success. It’s fascinating to watch and we’re at a point were brands and celebrities need more tech support.


Our mission is to find the perfect story tellers for your project or brand. It’s important to have someone that reaches your target audience while being authentic. We think that almost every brand in the world will have influencers or ambassadors to promote their products — from small Shopify stores to large Fortune 500’s. Everyone is quick to assume advertising is changing with the rise of influencers, but in reality it is the same as it’s always been. Brands have always searched for people of influence to tell the world or communities of their awesome inventions. Since there are so many micro communities of influencers, we’re starting to see brands more focused on wide spread distribution. At Dovetale organizing all of this workflow in one simple platform is our goal. From searching our database of creators to chatting and organizing a campaign with an influencers, our goal is to help you get more customers that love your products.

Influencers are uniquely positioned in this market. Big ones have agents, smaller ones have deals with smaller brands and some are in between. It’s kind of like the Wild West out there. Many don’t know how approach brands with their unique offerings, while brands/ agencies are consistently on the search for the best people to work with. Now more than ever, it’s important for brands to find influencers that love their brand. Easier said than done. Tools like email and google docs/sheets create a convoluted workflow that is stressful. We think there is an easier way.