Screw Email.

April 7, 2016

Influencer marketing is powerful. Consumers are looking to fellow consumers to inform their purchasing decisions. Instead of looking at companies, like they’ve done in the past, they now look at each other and their favorite personalities. People like famous YouTuber’s or Snap’ers. Influencer marketing has been around forever, but it’s taken different forms. Companies started emerging and building big businesses around the blogosphere — like Mom’s blogging about what products they buy for their families. Marketplaces started to emerge as the next big influencer marketing platforms. Marketplaces attempt to standardize unfamiliar territory and equilibrate pricing, but in doing so they treat influencers like commodities. At Dovetale, we don’t see influencers or content creators like this. We think about the communities of content creators and their fans. We think about how content leads to conversation and how organization leads to transparency. In the evolution of marketplaces, we think there is something more powerful for creators and brands — a single place where brands can discover creators, chat with them, exchange ideas and handle transactions for their work. We think that these features can promote long lasting relationships and creativity.

Email now

It seems like every week someone tells me about a new influencer marketplace or agency. It’s easy to make a buck or two doing this, but a common complaint from marketing teams is that they can easily create a spreadsheet and contact influencers using public emails and avoid broker fees from the platforms. A lot of companies do this. They do so over email and you can imagine how long and convoluted email chains can get. Imagine this every time you wanted to work with an influencer — a long convoluted email chain… Our first mission at Dovetale is to replace email completely and help brands find the best people to tell stories for brands. When you create a project you can invite creators or discover great people to work with. It’s really easy! Dovetale has a built in messenger so chatting with people working on your campaign is also super easy. Take a look:

Dovetale now

We’re constantly creating new features for brands and creators. If you’re a great story teller or emerging brand interested in trying out Dovetale send us an email at