Our name and what it means to us

March 26, 2016

Your name is important because it differentiates you from the competition. Your name is made of goodwill, reputation and public perception. The better this differentiation is communicated to customers, the more your name will stand out. One of the first things our customers tell us is how much they love our name. Generally, I would love for people to tell us how much they love the product first and a lot do, but in the sea of enterprise tech we embrace this.

We spent a long time to find the perfect name. We wanted a .com and we wanted the name everywhere (facbeook.com/, twitter.com/ etc.). We also had a budget. A seemingly impossible task in the end was met with a lot of thoughtfulness. We started by searching available domain names within our budget, but quickly found out that trying to match available domain names with our product was a near impossible task — not to mention a flawed exercise. Weeks went by and lists of names on Google docs just kept getting bigger and worse. After a couple weeks we met and decided to start the “name” meeting with theory — as you would in a theoretical chemistry class. “What info do we have and what do we want to achieve?” We want to be the connective tissue between brands and creators of all types. How can we embody this in a simple name? Simpler said than done.

With about 500 names generated only about 10 of them met our criteria. To be honest, all of them were shitty. Then in mid sentence one of our co-founders said something like, “We want to dovetail off of that point”… “Say that again…” We had our mini eureka moment — a perfect name only to be destroyed by the .com being taken. Then we started talking about stories and how our software helps brands tell incredible stories by incredible story tellers. A synonym for story is a “tale”. The .com was available and within our budget (after negotiation). A couple friends helped us get our social handles so we can be found everywhere @ /dovetale.

Kevin Spacey spoke at Davos this year. I urge you all to watch this:

At around 11 minutes James Harding goes on to ask Spacey about story telling. At Dovetale we think about story telling the same way.

“We’re all in the business of story telling. Why is it that certain businesses are able to hover above their competition? Is Starbucks really serving the best cup of coffee? Maybe not. It’s the story they manage to tell. The people that manage to tell us a story and temporarily move us in a certain way, that we remember. We don’t feel like we’re being sold we feel like we’re being told something we’re able to connect to.” — Kevin Spacey

Serendipitously, a “dovetail joint” is a technique in woodworking joinery. Noted for its resistance to being pulled apart. It was the perfect symbolism for what we are becoming. Dovetale turned out to be the perfect name for many reasons, but one of the best is what one customers said, “When I see Dovetale, I trust it. It feels professional and exciting — I want to learn more about it”.