Dovetale Monthly Feature Update - January

February 1, 2018

As we check off the first month of the year, we wanted to say thank you to everyone that continues to follow our journey. This past month we’ve been focusing on a couple big additions to the platform. Hopefully some of these features will speed up and automate a lot of the manual work agencies and brands have been doing.

Articles/ In the news

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Dovetale was reviewed by Influencer Marketing Hub

New Features

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are now active on Monitor!

Sharable Lists - We noticed that a lot of agencies use Dovetale to build lists fo creators and subsequently export screenshots or they build keynotes of influencers/ creators/ artists. Now you can simply share a unique URL with your client! Check out this one of NYC Gamers.

Auto Reports for Instagram ( for Enterprise customers) - We’ve made it super easy to look for hashtags in posts from creators in your lists and add them to reports. Check it out:

As always, send your feedback and we’ll keep building!

Mike Schmidt