Why Influencer Marketing Works

July 11, 2016

Picture this: You throw a large rock into a pond, the ripples move outward until they slowly fade away. That single rock had a large impact at first, but how much surface area was covered in the pond? Now… if you had that same rock and broke it into 20 pieces and threw them around the pond in targeted locations, you can cover a much larger area overall than with a large rock.

This analogy seems elementary, but it provides great imagery for how influencer marketing is changing… At the heart of it are influencers, creative content producers and distributors. In this image we like to picture the size of the rock as the budget for an ad campaign, the number of rocks as the number of influencers & creatives, and the pond as the market. There are so many influencers and creators that exist on social media platforms, and people love to follow and engage with them because they appeal to their interests. This allows for a larger audience to be reached in ad campaigns when broken up into groups that consist of people who will be interested in the marketed product or service.

Enter a new age of targeted marketing opportunities - Influencer marketing is rapidly expanding and the opportunity to have a product or a trip or a brand advertised in a way that feels authentic to both the influencers and the followers, is essential. Nobody likes getting spammed with items that they’re constantly being told to buy. Targeted ads and collaborations through social media influencers feel authentic… and in an age where trust and engagement with the consumer is demanded, authenticity and social acceptance is everything! Simply put; followers trust the opinions of the influencers they follow and rely on them for recommendations. In fact, people nearly trust the influencers they follow, as much as their friends. This is why some influencers create multiple Youtube channels, or have many Instagram pages. They use each account to appeal to a specific audience and don’t ruin the existing relationships they have with their followers on each account.

Creators and influencers have a massive reach to people who all love the same things they do, or simply post about. Expansion of social platforms has created a place for everyday people to become celebrities on the internet. Before, celebrity status was restricted to movie stars, and music artists. Advertising with these stars took a lot of money, and the proper connections for introduction. As a result, advertisement was restricted to commercials and ads for large companies who could afford it. Social media influencers allow for all companies, small and large, to focus on niche markets to distribute awareness of their products or services. This has increased the efficiency of the ad market as a whole with influencers at the core. Using the same existing budgets that would have only been able to reach one massive audience, you can break that audience up into a focused group of people who love the niche of what that influencer distributes as content.

This presents a significant opportunity in the age of information for brands and marketers to piggyback on the shoulders of internet celebrities and focus on the people that will be far more likely to buy their products. Not only can they have an immensely targeted audience, but they can also collaborate with professionals that really know how to make their audiences happy. Influencers are the key to reaching the right people, in the right way.