The Dovetale Partner Program

June 11, 2017

Today, we’re excited to be officially launching our partner program. For the past couple months we’ve seen so many different use cases for Dovetale and the fundamental importance of a distributed network of agencies. At Dovetale, our goal is to support this infrastructure and today we’re opening our platform to agencies in our partner program. We have adopted the philosophy that our tools are your tools. Bringing influencer marketing capabilities to agencies is our goal and we’ve setup our partner program help more agencies bring these tactics to their clients.

What this means for agencies today?

At Dovetale, we don’t run campaigns. That means when a brand comes to us for a campaign we find them an agency that fits their budget, focus and location. Agencies in our referral system all use Dovetale’s trusted enterprise tools and we’ve designed it to be transparent for everyone. So, if you’re an agency looking to bring influencer marketing to your clients or want better tools, apply here.

What this means for brands?

If you’re a brand looking to do an influencer campaign, message us and we’ll find the right agency for you.