March 9, 2016

Dovetale is at the center of a movement. When it comes to branded content things are changing rapidly. Stories are changing and more importantly so is how they’re told. Naturally, the next question is, where are brands putting their money? The simple answer — content.

27 Million

pieces of content are shared every day.

$1.8 million

is the average content marketing budget per company per year.

If that’s not insane enough, 59% of marketers expect their organization’s content marketing budget to increase in the next 12 months. Why is there such interest in “content”? Simple, content leads to sales (if done right). The “done right” part is important because 32% of Fortune 500 CMOs claim that creating fresh content was their biggest challenge last year. We’ve heard it before. Content is King, but so is context. When we talked to brands there was a big problem in their workflow. They often times hire content creators outside of their organization like social influencers, photographers, ambassadors, advocates and bloggers. Here are the main issues facing brands today:

  1. Communication: Brands often work with content creators that they hire on a per project basis. It’s remarkable that there isn’t a tool to make team management and the rest of this process easier considering how often it happens.
  2. Content Management: Brands are very particular about what content they share. Dropbox is used pretty frequently to manage content with content creators and brand managers. Frighteningly email is still used as a “back-and-forth” method to iterate content. It’s a mess, but the worst workflow is what I’ve seen from big brands. They use spreadsheets combined with dropbox links and a comment column. It’s stressful to look at.
  3. Payment: With payment API’s like Stripe I’m truly surprised that content creators are still being paid by Venmo and checks in some cases. As a marketer it would be incredible to press one button and all your content creators will be paid. Not to mention being able to see and track prices per piece of content.

We’ve built Dovetale to address each one of these issues thoughtfully. Dovetale is a collaborative content manager for marketing. Dovetale’s dashboard includes a content manager, team management, content creator management, chat, creator stats, payment systems and profiles. Dovetale represents the union of content creators and brands of any size — from Fortune 500’s to small Shopify stores. Like our name suggests, we are helping brands and creators work better together. Our mission is to help brands build incredible stories. We’re in private beta so if you are interested in learning more visit or shoot us a note at