Dillon Francis X Gerald: Remembering a Star

August 22, 2016

There’s no doubt that Dillon Francis has a pretty unique reputation in the EDM scene. His personality, music, personal websites and ability to share stories about his life over social channels are some of the reasons he’s one of the most followed DJ’s across all social channels. One of Dillon Francis’ most popular channels is his Snapchat account because of the stories he creates (usually) in his Los Angeles home.

Over the course of a few months, Dillon Francis has introduced a new celebrity to the scene that was quickly adopted by his audience. As a part of a snap story, Dillon bought a donkey piñata from Ya Otta Piñata and named it Gerald. Gerald the piñata has won the hearts of Dillon’s audience by appearing almost daily in his snap stories. Dillon created a lifestyle and story around the experiences he had with the piñata. He even carried stories of Gerald over to his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts and brought the piñata to his concerts.

As ridiculous as this may seem, this is a perfect example of influencer marketing and the power that it can have when doing branded content. We don’t know whether Ya Otta Piñata paid for this exposure and they likely didn’t, but they’ve surely reaped the benefits from Dillon Francis’ relationship with Gerald on his social channels.

As a result, Dillon’s introduction of Gerald has definitively increased sales for Ya Otta Piñata. The search results for these piñata’s has increased dramatically and “Gerald” has become the poster donkey for piñata’s everywhere. He’s a top search result for piñata’s on google, Amazon.com and he’s brought an outstanding amount of positive reviews and comments to Ya Otta Piñata’s products.

Influencers and brands can use this as a learning strategy for branded content. Influencer marketing is more than just paying to post pictures or videos on social channels. It’s most effective when you tell great stories and create relationships together.