Looking for an easy way to start Influencer Marketing?

November 20, 2016

In light of recent events, the idea of building walls has become increasingly relevant. However, this suggestion of building walls isn’t just a physical phenomenon used to close borders, but virtual walls also create barriers to discovering new things and the potential that’s possible with lower barriers to entry. So how do barriers relate to the influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is still a relatively new form of digital advertisement and it has been building popularity at a rapid rate. However, now that a lot of people know about it, why aren’t brands executing more influencer campaigns? To start, the most common problem that brands have is knowing how to properly run an influencer marketing campaign. Second, brands are unsure of how much they should be spending in order to see roughly that 6.5:1 return on investment they are expecting. These are great questions that brands are asking, and they’re also questions that not many people are helping to answer.

At Dovetale, we want to start providing the answers to these questions. We want to make the disconnected influencer marketing space more efficient. We want to start creating solutions to all the problems people have when they start their influencer marketing campaigns. To get things started, we wrote the definitive guide to influencer marketing to educate brands and influencers about using software solutions to make procedures more efficient, influencer relationships and campaign guidelines. Brands should know the best practices to break the educational barrier to influencer marketing and influencers should be educated enough to understand the value they’re providing.

Brands are looking for ways to educate themselves not only about what influencer marketing is, but how they can do it. The best way to get this education is to dive head first into the deep end and run some influencer campaigns with the assistance of tools that help to make the influencer marketing process more efficient.

While influencer marketing may sound relatively simple, the process can get complicated. Right now, brands spend days, if not weeks/months, finding the right influencers to contact as potential ambassadors for their products. These contacts are put into spreadsheets to track their information, budget proposals, relationship status, and much more. Onward, brands use different pieces of software to schedule posts, check content, chat with influencers, pay them, and analyze the postings. This can get complicated quickly and using software to manage all of these processes in one place seems like a logical solution.

The ways of managing these processes currently has two solutions: buying content from a marketplace to post on behalf of an influencer or using influencer marketing platforms to help manage processes from start to finish.

The problem with marketplaces is that buying and selling content from influencers is a very non-personal way of promoting a brand. It’s hard to find true brand ambassadors that will produce amazing content if prices are being driven to the bottom because of the art of deal seeking. Influencers should have the creative freedom to produce custom, passionate content for the brands they work alongside.

So what about influencer management platforms? First of all, not all companies need a full platform solution to help their influencer marketing processes. Increasingly, more companies are experimenting with influencer marketing to promote their products. However, you shouldn’t be committing a large portion of that experimental budget to software that you are just learning to use. This budget should be used for discovering the impact that influencer marketing can have on your brand.

At Dovetale, when we talk about influencers and creators, we believe that anyone can be an influencer. On the other side, thinking about brands that want to do influencer marketing, we also believe that everyone should have access to the tools that will make their lives easier when doing influencer marketing campaigns. Setting affordable prices for brands willing to experiment with influencer marketing and providing more experienced companies the tools they need to make their workflow more efficient.