3 Reasons Influencer Marketing is on the Rise

October 3, 2016

Influencer marketing is on the rise and the demand for quality sponsored content is increasing. In a world where people are relying on consumer reviews and their peers to provide them with product recommendations, it’s never been more important to provide target consumers with authentic content.

People are looking to popular social channel personalities as trusted sources of information. In a social focused world, trust and authenticity are at the foundation of what makes new age content so appealing to consumers. As traditional advertising slowly takes a backseat to an increasing popularity in native ads, influencer marketing is at the helm driving this movement forward.

Influencer marketing is still new to a lot of brands. Most companies that are jumping into this new age of advertising are doing it with some hesitation. We wanted to give 3 reasons why influencer marketing will prove to be effective for any emerging marketer.

It’s Authentic

Authenticity is at the heart of what makes content on social media so attractive to brands. It’s the best quality that people have to contribute to what makes them unique. Influencer marketing is an extension of one’s authenticity and it can be one of the most powerful ways for brands to get in front of consumers that align with their target markets.

It’s Effective

Influencer marketing trending among emerging marketers because it’s effective. In a study done by McKinsey, they found that customers who are acquired via word-of-mouth have a 37% higher retention rate and consumer-to-consumer word-of-mouth marketing generates twice the sales of paid advertising. In addition to this, 47% of online consumers use ad block. Influencer marketing is a great way to not only break through the noise, but to market and inspire word-of-mouth at scale through platforms that are already trusted by mass audiences.

It’s Targeted

One of the biggest benefits of influencer marketing is that focused groups of potential consumers can be reached using creators with large followings. Activating creators on social channels is one of the best ways to reach targeted groups of people because of niche followings that come with building out a personal brand on social channels.

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