3 Influencer Marketing Campaigns to Learn From

August 1, 2016

Brands are always looking to grow their customers, and influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to authentically target them. Influencer marketing has been seen in bits and pieces all over the internet. Brands know that hiring advocates with a social following is a great way to spread the word about their products. In the past, companies like Nike and Adidas have partnered with mainstream athletes to promote their products. Now, this method of generating product demand has been brought to social channels by recruiting social influencers to support branded content. The execution seems simple, and sometimes it is, but things always look easy when they’re done well.

Looking for influencers with millions of followers can be effective for brands to increase product awareness and sales, but it’s also expensive. It’s not about focusing advertisements on the most followed influencers and having one-off campaigns, it’s about finding the right fit for your product and focusing advertisements on potential markets that exist within niche groups. By using targeted marketing on social channels through mid-tier influencers, brands can effectively cut costs and also see impressive results.

According to Adweek, about 59% of marketers are looking to increase their influencer marketing budgets in the next 12 months. A lot of marketers are adopting influencer marketing because it’s authentic and it’s a very personal way to market your products.

Here’s 3 influencer marketing campaigns executed to perfection.

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Chanel N5

The perfume still remains one of the most iconic scents in the fragrances industry. Chanel N5 is still a dominant selection among perfumes in part because of their marketing teams execution and focus. The brand ran a powerful Instagram influencer campaign that was focused on target markets for their new line of perfume.

Recruiting influencers for the campaign, they were able to to generate over 1600 pieces of content that were both user-generated and influencer-generated. As a result, they were able to register almost 1 million likes using the hashtags #chanelgrasse & #newchanel5

Go Hawaii

The Hawaii Tourism Authority worked with top Instagram influencers like Jordan Herschel to feature scenic spots in Hawaii as a way to reach potential Hawaii tourists. Hershel is known as an Instagram personality who visits the most scenic and beautiful places in the world. Working together they launched the #LetHawaiiHappen hashtag to engage potential Hawaiian tourists.

Using the hashtag, the campaign saw almost 100,000 posts both influencer and user-generated. In addition to a tone of content, they were able to reach approximately 54% of travelers in the US and 65% of people who saw the campaign plan to travel to Hawaii sometime in the next two years.

Daniel Wellington Watches

Daniel Wellington launched a campaign on Instagram that saw massive results for the watch brand. The company handed out free watches to thousands of mid to low-tier influencers to promote the hashtag #danielwellington and caption sales codes on their instagram postings.

The hashtag has been posted over 1.1 million times on Instagram and has grown their brand Instagram account from 850,000 to over 2,000,000 followers. In addition to the follower growth, Daniel Wellington saw a profits increase of 214% from 2014 - 2015.